Art Director, Production Designer and Set Designer for film, television, theatre and photography

Filmsets offers a comprehensive art department service - art direction, set design and production design - facilitating all art department requirements and elevating your film production to a higher level... on time and within budget - such as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's 2006 stage shows  in Sydney and Melbourne or TV Channel 9's and Foxtel's national promos in Australia.

I'm Gert Schidor - production designer, art director and set designer with over thirty years experience in creating environments. As a Production Designer, Art Director and Set Designer, I've collaborated with producers, directors and writers to translate their ideas into visual reality. Be it filming in Australia or overseas, on location or in the studio. Browsing through this site will show you some of my work as an art director, production designer and set designer, tell you about my background and how I started off as a stage designer. And you might also get an idea about the role of art directors, production designers and set designers in the film making process.

Production designers, art directors and set designers play one of the most crucial roles in the filmmaking process. If you like what you see on this website and can appreciate the difference between a decorator and an art director, don't hesitate to get in touch. With the most sophisticated rendering and architectural software a production designer, art director or set designer can use, I design and produce visuals, providing you with artwork that takes into account exact set dimensions, camera angles, lens sizes, lighting, set finishes, etc. A lot more useful than the 'pretty pictures' some art directors, production designers and set designers still offer. And because the visuals have been so thoroughly worked out, they end up saving you time and money. What you see in my visuals is what you'll get on the day. You will know in pre-production what effect camera angles and lens sizes will have on the set. The roles of the production designer, set designer and art director are often interchanged.

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